Lemon Burns Fat

Can you think of anything quite as refreshing as ice water with a squirt of fresh lemon on a hot day? Did you know that adding lemon to your diet can actually help you lose weight? If you haven’t heard about the fat burning powers of lemon, keep reading. You might be surprised.

Recent studies have indicated citrus fruit, especially lemons, may be able to boost your ability to burn fat. This is possible because lemons are said to increase the body’s metabolism. It manipulates the body’s thermogenic process which means you’ll burn stored fat and calories more efficiently than in the past.

Eating lemons, or adding fresh juice in your water, can actually change the pH level in your body. If your body is more acidic than alkaline you might experience increased weight loss. More research is being conducted to learn more about this aspect of lemon.

One report recently conducted noted that those who consumed pure lemon juice experienced fewer sugar cravings than those on a placebo. If you don’t crave sugar as much, there’s less likelihood that you’ll eat it. In this same study, those consuming lemon juice were also able to balance their blood sugar levels, avoid overeating and maintain a higher level of energy. It seems lemon actually does help you lose weight when your unhealthy eating habits change.

Besides reducing sugar cravings, lemon juice also acts as a diuretic. If you have a tendency to retain water, and thus water weight, this may be one way to combat it. The weight might not be fat loss, but losing water weight can be enough to give you the encouragement you need to continue in your weight-loss efforts.

The best way to add lemon to your diet is by adding it to ice water. Not only will the lemon help you lose weight, you’ll also burn more energy because your body has to heat the water before processing it. You can also add lemon to either iced or hot tea.

Add lemon juice to fresh salad rather than using fatty salad dressings. If you prefer a different taste than mere lemon juice, you may want to create your own dressing with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and seasonings. This will be a great alternative when you want something different and refreshing.

It is unlikely you’ll receive the same benefits by using lemon in anything but its raw or juiced form. Heating the lemon may kill the healthful and weight-loss benefits, so you’ll want to avoid cooking them.

Citrus fruits, including lemons, have long been touted as a weight-loss aid. Research continues to learn all that is possible about the fat burning powers of lemon. Weight loss won’t happen quickly when using lemons but if you eat a healthy diet with lemon, you can rest assured the loss will come.

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