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Understanding Obesity and Children

Obesity and its associated problems are discussed in every major newspaper. You can’t turn on the news or the television without hearing about it. However, many people [...]

Causes of Obesity in Children

You or someone you know may be struggling with obesity. It affects one in three adults in the United States. Globally obesity is increasing in every country. Many consider [...]

Childhood Obesity Statistics

Obesity affects almost 30% of the adult population. It also affects about 25 % of our youth. It’s causing problems far and wide. From the cost of health care to legislation [...]

Did You Know These Can Cause Obesity?

Chances are you know someone struggling with obesity. Approximately one in three people are obese and the numbers are rising. You may even be struggling with it yourself. [...]

How Does Obesity Surgery Work?

Obesity surgery is also known as weight loss surgery. A more technical term would be bariatric surgery. There are actually several types of bariatric surgery. If you’re [...]

Support for Childhood Obesity

Obesity is a tremendous challenge. Your weight is something that affects your entire life. It affects your physical well being. It also affects your mental well being. If [...]
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