Causes of Obesity in Children

You or someone you know may be struggling with obesity. It affects one in three adults in the United States. Globally obesity is increasing in every country. Many consider the rise in obesity an epidemic.
Along with weight gain, obesity brings with it a whole host of health problems. These problems range from depression and poor sleep to heart problems and death. Obesity has even been linked to many forms of cancer. Before a person can begin to manage obesity, they must understand it. Specifically, what is causing the obesity?
What Causes Obesity?
There are actually many causes for obesity. Sometimes just one factor can be enough to cause weight gain. Other times causes combine to cause weight gain. Here are some of the more common causes for obesity.
Scientists and medical professionals have identified a group of genes that control hunger. More specifically, they control the hormone Leptin. When you have healthy Leptin levels you feel hungry only when your body needs food. When levels are imbalanced you might feel hungry all of the time.
The environment you live in, your friends, and the habits you grew up with make a difference. People with obese parents are more likely to be obese themselves. People with obese friends are also more likely to be obese. People who live in the Southern United States or the Midwest are also more likely to be obese.
Diet is the primary cause of obesity. Overeating and poor eating habits are the single biggest contributor to obesity. Processed foods, fast foods and restaurant foods are all high in fat, salt and sugar. One take out burger can have more calories and fat than the average person should consume in a day.
Sugary drinks like juice and soda are also contributors. Many people drink their day’s calories without realizing it. Diet is so important to preventing and controlling obesity. Doctors and scientists say that a good diet can overcome genetics.
When an inactive lifestyle is combined with poor eating habits obesity is a result. The math is simple. A person must burn more calories than they consume. Simple things like walking make a huge difference.
You might be surprised to know that some basic lifestyle habits can cause obesity. For example, poor sleep or a high stress life can lead to obesity.
Medical Requirements
Finally, many medications and medical conditions can lead to obesity. For example, a thyroid imbalance can lead to weight gain. If it’s not discovered early it can lead to obesity.
If you or someone you love is struggling with obesity, find out what’s causing it. Then, and only then, can you take proper steps to regain your health. Consult your physician and assess your lifestyle and habits. What can you do to lose weight and get healthy?

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