Did You Know These Can Cause Obesity?

Chances are you know someone struggling with obesity. Approximately one in three people are obese and the numbers are rising. You may even be struggling with it yourself. Chances are you also probably know the basic causes for obesity. They include genetics, medications, overeating, poor dietary habits and a lack of physical activity.

However, you may not be aware of these surprising causes for obesity.

Soda & Juice

Millions of people around the world get hundreds of calories each day from what they drink. Soda, juice and even coffee drinks contain enormous amounts of calories. They’re also extremely heavy in sugar and even fat. This habit can quickly lead to obesity. Think about it this way. A glass of orange juice has 122 calories. A 12 ounce can of Pepsi has 150 calories. Four ounces of two percent milk, the kind used in your coffee drink, has 61 calories. And that’s not including the sugar from the syrup or flavorings.

If you consume one glass of orange juice, one soda and one coffee drink every day in ten days you’ll have gained a pound. Unless, of course you exercise enough each day to burn off 333 calories. And the sad truth is that many people consume many more calories each day in their beverages. It can add up quickly.
The result may be a pound a week gain simply from drinking!

The solution is simple. Stop drinking your calories. Switch to low calorie or no calorie drinks and drink water.

Not Enough Sleep

Studies have shown there is a very real link between sleep and obesity. People who get good sleep on a consistent basis weigh less. They’re also better able to maintain their weight. Why? A few reasons actually. The first is that added weight can cause sleep disorders and problems. Not enough sleep and your body begins to change. Your immune system weakens. Your metabolism slows down. Your hormones get off balance. The result, weight gain.

Scientists also theorize that good sleep actually helps your body rid itself of toxins. Toxins build up in your fat cells. If they’re unable to leave your body the result can be an accumulation of fat cells and fat cell growth.


You may know that depression can be caused by obesity. However, did you know that obesity can be caused by depression? It can. Depressed people often eat to soothe themselves. It’s a coping mechanism. Additionally, depression may hinder your body’s ability to release balanced hormones. It may slow your metabolism too.

If you’re struggling with obesity take a look at common causes. Take a look too at some of the lesser known causes. Chances are there are some simple things you can do to regain your health.

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