Make Pumpkin Puree – Boil Method

A little while back, I posted how to make pumpkin puree from scratch, using your oven. While baking retains more vitamins and nutrients in your pumpkin, the boil method makes it easy to work with your pumpkin and puree it. So use whatever method suits you. Here’s how to make pumpkin puree by boiling.

You can also steam the pumpkin, but I usually have to much pumpkin to work through that it would take me forever to load batches into the steamer. Instead, I just get a huge stock pot and go for it.

Ingredients Needed:

•    1 pumpkin

Also, keep on hand a sharp knife, cutting board, large stock pot, large bowl, hand blender or food processor and colander.

Prepare Pumpkin

Start by slicing your pumpkin in half.

Scoop out the seeds and pulp.

When the gourd has been emptied, you can slice it into smaller pieces.

Time to Boil

Place the pieces in a large stock pot. If you don’t have a stock pot, just work in batches.

Cover with water and place on high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 40 minutes.


When the pumpkin has finished boiling, strain in a colander to remove as much liquid as possible.

Peel and Puree

When the pumpkin has cooled, you can peel off the shell. You can do this using your finger, by pushing the flesh away from the shell.

Next, use a hand blender to finish the puree. If you don’t have a blender or food processor, you can mash it with a potato masher and then more finely with a fork.

If you are using a pumpkin with high water content (for example a Halloween pumpkin), strain the puree for a few house to remove the excess liquid.

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