Organization: Think Outside the Box

Clutter causes stress. It creates an environment of disorganization and lowers the quality of life. However, it can be challenging to get control over clutter. Here are some unique ideas to help you get rid of clutter forever.

#1 Catchall

This is actually a surprisingly easy approach to taming clutter. Depending on the size of your home and family choose a container that you can keep in your main living space. At the end of each day spend five minutes running through the house. Everything that is out of place gets dropped into the catchall container.

Then you have a choice. You can spend five to ten minutes putting things where they belong. You can alternatively call to your family and hold each person responsible for putting their items back where they belong. It’s simple, inexpensive and effective. (And eventually your family members may get tired of the routine and start actually putting their things away.)

#2 Play the Toss Ten Game

Choose any room in your home. Look around and grab ten things you can throw away. Limit it to ten, don’t go over and make sure you throw away ten items. (Note, if you want to donate them that’s okay too.) Play this game every day in one room in your home until you’ve paired down to items that you cherish and have room for.

#3 Hide It

Buy furniture that doubles as storage. One of the reasons clutter exists is that there isn’t enough storage in a home. You simply don’t have a place to put some of your necessary items. For example, coffee and end tables in a living room can double as chests or contain drawers for storage. A chest can double as a bench in an entry way and store outdoor wear and gear.

#4 A Shopping Elimination Diet

Don’t buy anything until you’ve cleaned out your entire home. It’ll either ensure you clean out the clutter quickly or you’ll stop shopping. You might be surprised how easy it is to stop shopping and how much money you save.

#5 One Habit a Week

Create one new habit a week. For example, this week create the new habit of always putting your phone on the charger or in the phone caddy each day. Next week create the habit of going through your bills and sorting mail at the end of every day, or week. Create the habit of throwing away one, or donating, item in your closet each day.

Clearing out the clutter won’t magically happen. Unfortunately, you cannot wave a magic wand and have your entire home magazine ready.
However, you can make major changes in your environment today. Throw away ten things. Adopt a new clutter system. Stop shopping and change your habits. Start living a clutter free life!

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