Delicious Apple Recipes Made easy

Apples are a very nutritious fruit. They are full of antioxidants and fiber to help fill you up and keep you looking young. But, how can you use apples in your everyday recipes?

When we think of apples, most of us probably see ourselves eating them as is or in a dessert. While both of these are good, there are other ways to enjoy the great taste of apples. You can combine them in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Know Your Apples

All apples are not the same. There are ones that are sweet and those that are tart. Baking apples are usually tart. Some examples are Granny Smith and McIntosh.

Baking apples are best when used in combination with sweeter apples. Some apples that are great for baking include Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala. They hold their shape and don’t get mushy during baking. Also, the combination of sweet and tart provides a good twang of flavor. Other apples that you can use in baked dishes are Cortland, Rome and Winesap. Most recipes specify the types of apples that you can use and everyone has their favorites as well.

Apples for Lunch

Instead of biting into that apple, how about adding it to a recipe? A great way to enjoy apples at lunch is in a salad. The obvious idea would be a fruit salad but apples go well on top of a traditional salad too:

* Waldorf salad
* Apple slaw
* Asian salad with apples
* Apple and walnut salad

If you don’t feel like lettuce for lunch, then try apples as a side dish with something else. One example would be apple slaw. Start with your traditional coleslaw recipe and then julienne your favorite tart or sweet apple. Mix well.

Apples for Dinner

Apples are a great addition to casseroles, meat dishes and as a side dish at dinner. When making a casserole that includes apples, be sure to choose from a variety of apple that will keep its shape through cooking. The last thing you want is a mushy casserole.

Here are some ideas:

* Apple glazed pork chops
* Pear and apple chutney
* Sweet potato casserole with apples
* Apple and squash stuffing

Who knew that apples could be so versatile? These all sound like great ideas. Apples add sweetness that can satisfy your sweet tooth while the fiber fills you up.

Apples for Dessert

We know that apples can be used for dessert. Just about everyone eats apple pies. But, you don’t have to relegate your apples to be a one-hit wonder. Try grilled apples for instance. It only takes about 30 minutes (wrapped in foil) to soften and caramelize them. Top with ice cream or slice and put on top of yogurt.

Apples can be added to mousse recipes, cake recipes and even cupcakes. Branch out and get the full use of your apples for deliciousness and good health.

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