Teen Crafts for the Summer

Have you ever heard your teen say that he or she is bored? During the summer you may hear more of the same. Devise craft ideas to help stop the boredom and even create a new hobby for your teens.

You may feel that summer crafts are only for little kids, but teens can benefit from activities that engage their hands as well as their minds. During the summer, all that information they learned at school the previous year seems to leak out little by little until they are starting again when the new educational year rolls around.

Summer crafts can help put that brain to work. Here are some ideas that you can use. Maybe your kids will think of a few of their own.

Teens are older so they can handle more complex activities. Creating things from your hands give your teen a sense of pride and confidence in their abilities. Start by asking your teen about their interests. You can create or search for craft ideas on that topic.

Craft Ideas

* Jewelry – This can work for girls and guys. Remember when you made bead jewelry at summer camp? Craft stores like Michael’s and A.C. Moore sell jewelry kits that can get you started. If your child likes the jewelry making, they can create their own set of beads, wooden balls, glass beads and semi-precious stones to create their own unique products. Jewelry can be given as presents for birthdays and Christmas.

* Lanyards – This is also a throwback from summer camp. Teens can create key chains, bracelets and other designs to keep for themselves or give to friends.

* Shirt designs – Tie dyeing is back in fashion. Teach your teen to create their own cool t-shirts using different colors and patterns reminiscent of the 60s. Another shirt design is iron-on. They can create a shirt design and turn it into an iron-on patch.

* Pottery – That lump of clay can become a pot, saucer, vase or anything they want it to be. Buy a pottery kit with a small potter’s wheel so they can try it out for themselves. With some designs, you don’t need a kiln. The pottery can sit and dry on its own.

* Candle making – This was a family activity in colonial days. Use molds and candle kits to create taper, round and three-wick candles. Teens can create designs in the wax or on the outside of the candle to represent different special occasions.

* Wood-working crafts – Teach your teen to use their hands and imagination. Build a bird house; craft a clock; build a simple desk or stool. There are thousands of items they can choose from. If they need to use a saw, teach proper use and always supervise.

Are your teens bored? Give them a ton of ideas to keep them busy all summer long.

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