Teenage Money Making Ideas

The modern world offers teens more money-making opportunities than ever. There are still the old-fashioned, much-needed jobs like mowing lawns and babysitting, and those are legitimate money-makers; but now there are also internet business opportunities like freelance writing and web design. And you can use the internet to advertise and market any business.

If you’re a teen who’d like to make some money as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to decide if you’re going to offer a product, a service, or start up an internet business. Here are some tips and ideas.


Creating and selling a product is a straightforward way to make some money. Some ideas for products include the following:

* Arts and crafts tend to be popular in an era when people are looking for items that fit the natural, green lifestyle. Pottery, items made from wood, handmade jewelry, hand-sewn bags/purses, and homemade greeting cards are some possibilities.

* Herbs and spices, especially your own special blends and products, are popular. You can grow and sell live herbs, cut and dry them yourself, or buy them dried in bulk and make your own herbal items. You can also create your own spice rubs and blends for various food items like meats and vegetables.

* Food items like cakes, cookies, sauces, and so forth are becoming more popular. Local is in, and offering homemade, hand-made jars of pickles, applesauce, or cakes for special occasions can be a lucrative niche. Make sure you know your local regulations on preparing food for sale.


* Lawn care is still a viable and much-needed job for teens. Snow and leaf removal can stretch this job opportunity through much of the year. Once you get a reputation, you may find yourself in much demand!

* Babysitting is another time-honored teen job that always seems to be in demand. A trusted babysitter is worth paying for, and you may find that you will have years of employment with some families.

* Cleaning may not be the most fun, but many people will pay for a house cleaner. If you work slightly below the rates of the professional cleaning companies, it will give you an edge.

* Computer repair is another lucrative area. You could be a freelance IT person! So many people have computers these days but don’t know how to maintain or fix them, and they will need technological support at some point.


* Freelance writing is a lucrative business for the internet. You can start and monetize your own blog or niche website, or be a paid guest blogger for others. Choose subject matter you enjoy writing about and go from there.

* Transcription and translation are other forms of writing that you can do from home on the internet. It’s an information age, and people need content for their websites but don’t always have the time or skills to get that content written.

* Web design is in demand. As the internet offers new business opportunities, people want to start up websites and need help.

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