Tourist Spots from A to Z

Here is an interesting exercise. How many tourist spots can you name using the alphabet? While it’s a tough question, let’s review our choices and see if you can come up with similar locations.

Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
Biscayne Bay in Florida
China’s Great Wall
Disney World in Orlando, Florida
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Frank House in Amsterdam
Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
Hapsburg Castle in Switzerland
Iditarod in Alaska
Jurong Bird Park in Singapore
Kilimanjaro in Africa
Louvre in Paris, France
Mt. Fuji in Japan
Niagara Falls in New York
Oregon Trail
Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
Quintana Roo in Cancun, Mexico
Roman Coliseum in Italy
Sydney Opera House in Australia
Taj Mahal in India
University of Notre Dame in Indiana
Versailles Palace in France
Westminster Abbey in London
Xcalibur Hotel in Las Vegas
Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
Zion National Park in Utah

Well, how did you do? Although there are hundreds of thousands of famous and slightly famous tourist spots you can think of, these are probably the best of the best. Now the question is: What to do with the list? Well, if you are an adventurer and love to travel, you might want to write each tourist spot listed here on a slip of paper, fold it, and when your vacation time rolls around, choose one tourist spot from a hat and make travel arrangements.

From A to Z, every tourist spot listed is well-renowned for being special in some specific way. This list offers ideal places that are adventurous, exciting, historical, beautiful, exceptional, musical, intriguing, cultural, whimsical; well, you get the idea.

While trying to come up with well-known tourist spots was a challenge, one can say it was met with thought and diligence. Now, please don’t discard the list but save it for vacation time. Who knows, you may be quite surprised with your first pick!

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