Keeping the Family Connected on Vacation

One of the more affordable vacations your family can engage in is camping. Whether it’s choosing a location at a state park or camping grounds in national forests, you can be assured it will be a family vacation filled with memorable moments. While there are several methods one may choose when preparing for a camping trip, most people prefer the free style, that is, pitch a tent and let the good times roll.

Even though you have to purchase tents, sleeping bags, and other gear for your trip; the cost is minimal as compared to utilizing an RV or staying at a camp site that offers plenty of amenities, which tend to minimize the true camping experience.

Camping free style affords you the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, have conversations around the campfire, live off the land, and become one with nature. Camping combines adventure, excitement, fun, and a rare opportunity to discover just how rich an experience this type of family vacation can be.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to purchase the basic camp equipment such as a tent,
preferably one that will house the entire family, food, a cooler, ice, sleeping bags, camping stove, as well as the following items: pillows, cleaning supplies, folding table, cookware, utensils, cups, and toilet paper (especially if there are no restrooms around), first aid kit, and board games, fishing gear, flashlights, and extra batteries.

Expert campers recommend purchasing a tarp to place under the tent, especially in inclement weather, to prevent water from seeping into the tent. It will also serve as a tent floor as well. Also recommended is a battery lamp. These items can be purchased at any of your local department stores.

In addition, now that you have the basic supplies, you can always supplement your gear with additional items you need the next time you go camping. You can easily check online to find a campsite in your state, as well as the low cost for staying in a national park or forest reserve.

Spending quality time with family has become the exception these days. Camping gives a family the opportunity to come together, without any distractions, and bond in a unique setting. Whether dad takes the kids fishing, while mom has some leisure time; or mom takes the kids hiking while dad enjoys some quiet time – or whether the entire family engages in both activities – camping reunites the family unit in a way no other type of vacation can.

If you are looking for an affordable vacation, camping is the way to go. Think of all the laughs and memories you’ll be able to share with each other in years to come!

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