Fun Family Trips to the Grand Canyon

While some of us have only seen the Grand Canyon through a small window on flights to Las Vegas, it is still one of the most magnificent places on earth. When the sun hits the Canyon, the colors are vibrant and incredibly beautiful. Well now that you are planning this trip, here are some tips to make it more interesting and enjoyable for your kids.2

Plan on staying at a motel where air conditioning and a swimming pool is available. While this may not sound significant at first, spending time at the Grand Canyon where the temperatures can rise well over 100 degrees during the summer will require a place to cool off after your daily adventures.

Make a visit to your local library and take out some books on the Grand Canyon as well as its history. Information such as: how it was formed or who were the Pueblo Indians. In addition, while this may be a once in a lifetime trip, pack appropriate clothing in case your family decides to go hiking.

Once at the Grand Canyon, there is a wonderful program for kids from ages 4 to 14 called the Junior Ranger Program. This program rewards children with a badge or decal for completing activities such as: attending ranger talks and filling in a booklet. Your kids will absolutely love this feature.

Another activity that your kids will love is visiting the IMAX theatre in Tusayan. Your kids will learn all about the Grand Canyon, and the theatre even has a place where your kids can have a lunch where all their favorite foods are available.

Who doesn’t love the Old west? Take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway into the Grand Canyon. Who knows? Your family may even catch a glimpse of Jessie James or Wyatt Earp on board!

If your family is really adventurous, you can take an overnight hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camp out. Its beauty is unparalleled, as is its size and wildlife. At night, you can look up to the heavens as they reveal an unimaginable display of stars. Don’t worry; the park rangers are always available to ensure your safety. You can sleep in tents, and instead of outdoor cooking you can eat at the air-conditioned Phantom Ranch nearby.

There is so much beauty in this world; and the Grand Canyon is no exception. Whether you tour the canyon by air, helicopter, rail, mule, hiking, or spend time there camping – there is no other place on this earth your family will enjoy more. Moreover, your kids are in for a treat of a lifetime.

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