Off Season Vacations – Save Your Money

While most people are hurriedly making their travel arrangements to their favorite destinations, others are waiting for off-peak season in order to save money and really enjoy the city or country they are going to visit.

With more people traveling than ever before, it is often difficult to enjoy a city when there are crowds and tour buses everywhere you go. In addition, traveling off-peak not only allows for a more relaxing and fun-filled vacation but the shops, restaurants, and
the main tourist areas can be thoroughly enjoyed at discount prices as well.

For example: Hawaii, an absolute favorite vacation destination, is best traveled to during May and June as well as September through mid-December. The Caribbean, another popular destination, has the best package deals from April through June, and September through November. If your travel tastes are a bit more exotic, you can find great deals in Australia when traveling during the spring, or Fiji in December through February, or Thailand – a new hot spot – from March through September. Mexico, another favorite destination, is best traveled to in April and October.

For travel to Europe, the fall months are the best. April in Paris isn’t just a well-known song for the seasoned traveler; for he or she knows that January in Paris will encompass the best package deal one can find. Conversely, while it will be quite cold, February is a great month to visit Alaska and save on air and hotel packages to this great state.

One of the drawbacks, however, when traveling off season is that some hotels and museums may be closed. It’s a good idea to check with the local consulate or online site of the city or country you are visiting to ascertain what’s open and what’s not. It is also recommended to check the local weather as well. Depending upon your destination and the time of year you travel, packing light layers of clothing to heavy sweaters is recommended.

Another great idea is to check the airlines. While most offer discounted rates throughout the year, they offer special deals during off-peak seasons which may include hotel accommodations as well.

Speaking of hotel accommodations, you may find that winter rates in Europe are low in November through January. Researching each country to ascertain their hotel rates as well as their local transportation is essential. While most of the buses in most cities are available during peak seasons, you may find their availability minimized during the off peak season, so check with the tourist boards if you intend on using local transportation.

Traveling off season can afford you the opportunity to visit places and experience local culture on a more personal level. It’s worth the time to investigate your travel destination in depth to enhance your overall trip and make it all the more enjoyable as well.

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