State and Country Fairs for a Family Vacation

For those who love to travel, sometimes you need to look no further than your own back yard. With gas prices soaring, traveling to a destination that is both enjoyable and affordable can be closer than you think. State and county fairs have always been popular for anyone desiring to get away for a day or a weekend.

For families, nothing is more enjoyable or fun for the kids than attending your own state or county fair. They offer great food at reasonable prices and an abundance of entertainment, events, and activities suitable for an entire family.

No matter what state you live in, there is a state or county fair commencing at this very moment. In fact, for your convenience, you can go online and print out a list of your state and county fairs and plan a day with your family. Go to:

Whether it’s choosing food on a stick, the best pies, or how maple syrup is made; to attending exhibits of livestock, horse shows, or enjoying time watching cars race; there are hundreds of activities that await you and your family.

If you love crafts, you’ll love state and county fairs. From home-made quilts to Ferris wheels – there is plenty to do and see. Music, especially country music, is always available through live performances. Perhaps your state or county hosts the local quartet, who is on hand to keep things lively. In addition, well-known personalities are also performing at state fairs, and the tickets are not only affordable but available through your state’s website.

For example, the Tomato Festival will commence at the end of July and it includes: food, fun, crafts and demonstrations, antique engines, Civil War Encampment, National Guard, fresh country tomatoes, car show, and a cattle show. Admission is free.

Where else can you go and enjoy a wonderful day of fun and adventure for free? State fairs have been popular throughout the US for more than a century. Families would dress up, in days of old, and attend the all day’s event in their state. It was a time when
an entire community would come together to enjoy the activities right up until the evening fireworks display.

The old-fashioned charm of state and county fairs still exist today. Square dancing and hay rides and other forms of entertainment from the past are still utilized as well. More importantly, the kids will love it no matter what age. It is a relaxing time for all, and one filled with memories of the past and new adventures awaiting you in the present.

Sometimes it’s the little things that are within our reach, which offer as much enjoyment as a trip to Greece, a cruise on the Nile, or a car trip to Disneyworld. Check out your state and county fair listings and enjoy a day with your family. It’s fun, affordable, and free.

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