Selling on Etsy – Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you make handmade products, sell vintage clothes or sell products used for creating clothing and other accessories, Etsy may be the ideal platform for you to sell your products. Etsy is a website that connects sellers with buyers of artistic products. It has a very special sense of community and really strives to make the experience personable. How can you sell your products on Etsy? Follow these steps. Step 1: Register an Account If you don’t already have an Etsy account, the first step is to register. register for an Ebay account Follow the on-screen process to become a member.

Step 2: Click Sell

Click the “Sell” button to begin the process of registering yourself as a seller.

click sell button

Step 3: Click “Sell on Etsy”

When you first click Sell, you’ll be taken to a page with basic information about becoming a seller on Etsy.

To continue to registration process, click the “Sell on Etsy” button in the upper right.

sell on etsy

Step 4: Fill Out Basic Information

Fill out the basic information Etsy needs from you.

fill out basic information

Step 5: Credit Card Information

Enter your credit card information. Etsy needs this to ensure that your card works for paying listing fees.

Once you press enter, Etsy will charge you a $1.01 activation charge. If the charge goes through, Etsy knows your card works.

enter billing info

Step 6: Start the Listing Process

Once your card is validated, you’ll see the confirmation page.

etsy confirmation page

Click on “List an item now” to continue.

Step 7: Select Your Payment Methods

Before you create your listing, you need to first select what payment options you can accept.

select payment methods

Most buyers will choose to pay by PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it really pays to open one.

If you choose to accept personal checks and money orders, you’ll also need to enter your shipping address.

Once you’ve selected your payment method, click on “list your first item” to continue.

list your first item

Step 8: Enter Description

Choose a snazzy title to catch your customer’s attention.

Enter a detailed description of your item. Don’t assume that the pictures speak for themselves. Yes, pictures go a long way, but it helps to assume you have no pictures with your listing when writing your description.

Detail is the key.

Finally, list out the materials used to make your product. Yes, this actually matters, as users do search by materials.

product title and description

Step 9: Choose Categories and Tags

Select your categories. First select the top level, then the sub-level then the sub-sub-level. Then, enter tags that describe your item. Choose descriptive tags to help others find your items. Use all 14 tags to maximize exposure.

add categories and tags

Step 10: Choose Pricing and Shipping

Enter the price for your product.

Enter the shop section you want your item listed in. In the beginning, you’ll have to create new sections for each different kind of item.

Finally, you’ll need to set your shipping prices. You can set different prices for different regions and countries.

set pricing and shipping

Step 11: Add Images

Click “Choose File” to upload images from your computer. Click upload to upload.

add pictures

Step 12: Review and Finish

Finally, review all the details of your listings. If everything is in order, click “Finish” to list your item.

review listing and finish

Those are the basics of selling on Etsy. You now know how to register as a seller, verify your billing address, setup payment methods and list an item. Just rinse and repeat the listing process for every item you want to sell.

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