Bathtub Fears – Help Your Toddler Overcome Them

Some toddlers live for bath time. Their faces light up with joy when you mention getting in the tub, and they would happily spend a large portion of their lives there if you would allow it. Other toddlers, however, can’t stand taking a bath. You have to bring them kicking and screaming to the tub, and you don’t get a moment’s peace until the bath is over.

The fact is that many toddlers are scared of bathing. It’s one of the most common things they fear. But you have to keep your child clean, so what can you do?

Sponge Baths

If your toddler panics when you start to put him in the tub, try giving him sponge baths sometimes. It’s important that he overcomes his fear of the bathtub, but there’s no harm in giving him a sponge bath at times. It can be a lifesaver when you are in a hurry.

You could even sponge your toddler off for all but one bath a week to get him used to the idea of bathing in the tub. Once he starts getting comfortable with it, increasing it to two a week will start to ease him into a regular bath time routine. Once he is content with being in the tub, you can start giving regular baths every time.

Bath Toys

One reason that many kids love to take a bath is the fact that they get to play in the water. Getting some fun and brightly colored toys and putting them in the tub before you bring your toddler in can make a bath more enticing. Bath paint is also a favorite, because it gives them license to make a colorful mess.

Once you have gotten your child in the tub with toys, play along with him. Making bath time a time to bond with you will add greatly to its appeal.

The Drain

One thing that many toddlers find horrifying is the tub drain. Think about it from their perspective: Once the plug is pulled, all of that water that was in the tub goes down the drain and ends up… where? As far as your toddler knows, it has disappeared. And if it can happen to the water, it might happen to him.

You know that there is no danger posed by the drain. But your child might not. Avoiding letting the water out of the tub until he is out of the bathroom can avoid any such fears.

Bath time is a grand opportunity for your toddler to unwind. It’s filled with fun sights and smells, and playing in the water is a blast. Getting your toddler over his fear of the bathtub may take some time, but once you do he may actually begin to look forward to it.

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