How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

Pedicures not only make our feet look pretty, but they make them feel great too. Of course, pedicures don’t always come cheap and you’ve got to get yourself out to the salon to get one done. Why not save a ton of cash and give yourself a pedicure at home. Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite show and pamper yourself at the same time. The following instructions are for a complete home pedicure, but many of the steps are optional if you don’t happen to have the supplies handy. Of course, you’ll want to add the missing items to your shopping list, so you can get the full treatment next time! Supplies Needed: supplies for pedicure

  • Towel
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls or cotton pads
  • Cotton swabs
  • Foot bath or a simple container that you can soak both feet in
  • Foot file
  • Cuticle remover: a commercial solution designed to dissolve cuticles
  • Orangewood stick: small wooden stick meant for nail and cuticle care
  • Exfoliating salt scrub or other favorite exfoliation product
  • Base coat: goes underneath the polish to protect the nail
  • Nail polish
  • Top coat: protects the color of the polish and some kinds speed up drying.
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Cuticle oil: an oil you can use daily to keep your cuticle moisturized and healthy

Step 1: Remove Nail Polish

Remove any old nail polish using a cotton ball or cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover.

Apply the cotton to the nail and allow it to soak on the nail for a moment. Then wipe upward. Change the cotton frequently for easier polish removal.

remove nail polish

Step 2: File Your Nails

Use a nail file to shape your nails. Always file in one direction. Don’t file back and forth or it can damage your nails and cause splitting or peeling.

file your nails

Step 3: Soak Your Feet

Add essential oils or bath salts to warm water in your foot bath if you wish. Soak your feet and relax for about 5 minutes.

soak your feet

Step 4: Get Rid of Callouses with Foot File

If you have calloused feet, file it with the foot file. Concentrate on areas with the most callouses. If you have extensively calloused skin, it may take more than one treatment to get rid of it.

get rid of callouses

Step 5: Remove Your Cuticles

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but generally cuticle remover is applied lightly to the cuticles and is left on for a short period of time (read the instructions of the product you are using). Apply and complete the process one foot at a time.

cuticle remover

Next, use an orangewood stick to push back the cuticles. Never cut your cuticles as it is live skin and cause injury.

orangewood stick

Immediately wash your hands and feet with warm soapy water to remove any extra cuticle remover. Dry your hands and feet thoroughly with a towel.

Step 6: Exfoliate

Use the exfoliating product of your choice according the manufacturer’s instructions.

exfoliating cream

The general procedure is to use a small amount and massage it into your screen for about one minute. Making sure your feet are dry before starting will ensure a more thorough exfoliation.

massage foot

Rinse your hands and feet with water.

Step 7: Apply Moisturizer

Apply your favourite moisturizer, massaging your feet with your thumbs and hey, do your lower leg and calves too. Ah heaven!

apply moisturizer

Step 8: Prepare Your Nails for Polish

Now that you’ve put moisturizer on your feet, you probably got it on your nails too. Make sure you clean your nails before moving onto base coat and polish. You can clean them by wiping down the nails with a cotton ball or pad moistened with nail polish remover.

prepare nails

Dry your nails before beginning the next step.

Step 9: Apply Base Coat

When your nails are dry, it’s time to apply base coat, which protects your nail and is always used underneath polish. Apply from the bottom of your nail to the top. Start with one stroke up the center and then one on each side. Wait one minute before moving to the next step.

base coat of nail polish

Step 10: Apply Polish

Get the best color and wear, by applying two coats of polish. Again, apply from the bottom of your nail to the top. Start with one stroke up the center and then one on each side.

first layer of polish

Wait one minute before moving to the next step. Allow 1 minute to dry between each coat. If you make a mistake, apply a little polish remover to a cotton swab and lightly dab to remove polish from skin.

remove excess nail polish

Step 11: Apply Top Coat

After you’ve waited a minute after applying your second coat of polish. Apply the top coat. Once again, apply from the bottom of your nail to the top. Start with one stroke up the center and then one on each side. Wait one minute before moving to the next step.

top coat of nail polish

Step 12: Apply Cuticle Oil – Use Daily

Massage a little cuticle oil into your cuticles after your nail polish has dried. Repeat this part of the process daily as it keeps your cuticles healthy and moisturized.

apply cuticle oil

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