Disney Family Fun Crafts Review – Online Kids Crafts

disney family fun logo Disney’s family fun site at http://familyfun.go.com is an amazing site for finding many, many different kinds of crafts to enjoy with kids. It features a well organized gigantic list of crafts, a vibrant online community site as well as a show and tell section. Finding the Crafts You Want Finding the crafts you want on Disney’s site is easy. All you need to do is choose how you want your crafts sorted in the left hand side navigation bar. navigation bar

Once you select the specific crafts you’re interested in, it’ll show you a page with instructions on how to create the crafts as well as instructions on what materials you’ll need to get before you start.

Here’s what a crafts page might look like.

crafts page

Meet Other Parents & Teachers

Want to meet other Disney fans? Scroll down on the right hand side and check out the Disney Family Community sidebar. Click on “See all groups” if you want to see more groups.

family community

Participate in Show and Tell

Want to show off your kid’s work? Posting finished crafts online can be a great source of fun. Just scroll down to the bottom of the front page to get to the show and tell section.

show and tell

How to Do Crafts Videos

Disney also brings you a wide range of “How to” crafts videos. It’s on the right hand side of the main page. Click on “More How-To Videos” to access all the videos in their library.


Here’s what the Disney Video Central looks like, after you click the “More How-To Videos” link:

video central

There are many fun arts, crafts and games for the whole family on Disney Family Fun. Take a look through the whole site and see what you and your kids can enjoy!

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