Amazon Research: Find the Right Products on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer. Their main focus is books, but they sell just about everything under the sun. One thing that really sets Amazon apart is their review system. Because they have so much traffic and so many users, Amazon is often able to make a lot more data available to you. Here’s how to use Amazon to find products you want, sort them by ratings, sales or price and see the reviews. First, type in the item you’re trying to find on Amazon. search bar

You’ll immediately see a number of listings for your product.

steve madden shoes

In the upper right corner are your sort order options. Click to sort the listings according to how you want to search.

sort order

Scroll down on any item to see what comments other buyers had about this item.

amazon review

Look through several items and read the reviews to make an educated decision on your purchase.

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