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Family Crafts Logo About.com is one of the leading how-to content websites on the web. They have a very rich website about family crafts of all ages at http://familycrafts.about.com The Family Crafts Blog The main page of About.com family crafts is a blog. New crafts are added to the blog every week. Check back to see what new crafts are added this week! Here’s an example of what a blog post on the main site looks like: blog post example

Finding a Crafts for You & Your Child

To find a craft for your child, just click on Find a Project along the top navigation bar.

project tab

You’ll be presented with a variety of ways to sort for your project.

sort through crafts

Just choose the method that appeals to you most. Then, click through the various projects in the category until you find one that you think you and your kid can enjoy together.

About.com’s Crafts

About.com presents their crafts in a unique slideshow manner. To click to the next page, just click on the arrows along the top of the slideshow.

slideshow of crafts

The text instructions are below the slideshow.

text instructions

Family Crafts Newsletter

Want to get email notifications about new crafts when they’re posted on the site? You can! Just join the Family Crafts newsletter in the upper right corner of the main site.

newsletter submission

Free Crafts Videos

About also has a variety of crafts videos to choose from. Just scroll down to the video sidebar on the right hand side of the main page.

free craft videos

About Family Crafts has videos, newsletters and of course a wide range of easily sorted crafts and games.

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