Review: The Anxiety Workbook for Teens

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Anxiety and worry can cause many health problems in teens, it can lead to depression, problems in school and other health issues. Not only does it affect the way your teen thinks about him/herself and the world around him or her, but it also affects your teen’s body functions, such as increased heart rate or sweating. It is also very upsetting as a parent to see your teen suffer, but you might be at a loss to know how to help. If you have a teen that suffers from more than normal anxiety and worry, you should talk to a health professional or counselor immediately. But in addition, your teen might also find The Anxiety Workbook for Teens very helpful in turning their life around.

The workbook offers teens a set of tools and techniques to, first of all, recognize why they feel anxious and to take steps to overcome negative feelings. With the help of carefully selected everyday activities, teens can gain a stronger self-image and learn not to let their anxiety and worry ruin their everyday lives.

In my opinion, this workbook is a very good guide for troubled and worried teens to work through, and gain some understanding of, their negative thoughts in addition to seeking medical help.

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