How to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath for Your Entrance Door

It is not uncommon for families to have visitors throughout the holidays, beginning in October. Your family may decorate your door for Halloween and Christmas; have you thought about how to make a Thanksgiving wreath for your entrance door? If you expect to have company on Thanksgiving Day, why not invite guests in with a festive wreath?

Most hobby and craft stores will have a variety of wreaths to use as a base. They can be found in different styles to match your personality. Consider a wreath made of grape vines if your home is rustic. Evergreen boughs might be considered more traditional. You can even find wreaths made of feathers which can be decorated if your home is more contemporary. If you’re a crafty sort, you can also create your own wreath by purchasing a Styrofoam base and adding your own items to it.

What would you add to a Thanksgiving wreath? Think about the holiday and what it means to you. You’ll probably want to include items associated with harvest or the first Thanksgiving – small pumpkins, berries, colorful corn cobs and autumn flowers. However, if your family has particular traditions or items which have special meaning to you, you may want to include those as well.

Beginning with whatever base you’re using, place items around the wreath in order to make it pleasing to the eyes. It is probably best to start with foliage such as autumn-colored leaves or pine boughs. These can be added around the base or gathered at the bottom. Once you have them situated, you can begin hot gluing them in place.

When it comes to other items, designers often recommend using items in threes. Either place three of an item together if they are small, or spread three or six of the item over the entire wreath. Again, once you’re happy with the way the wreath looks you can glue the items down. Be sure to use enough glue to secure the items on the wreath even in a blustery day.

Once the wreath is completed, you may want to wrap a wide, fall-colored ribbon loosely around it. Finish it off by creating a large bow made of the same ribbon and secure it with hot glue to the top of the wreath. Leave the tails hanging for additional color or to add interest.

Check your children’s toys. Some girls have dolls which are dressed in Native American outfits. These would make an interesting focal point for the wreath. Boys may have toys which can be used as well.

After you’ve completed the wreath to your satisfaction, be sure to use a sturdy hanger on your door. This may require you to put a nail in the door to hold the hanger, but you won’t want your hard work to fall to the floor when the door is opened.

Once you’ve learned how to make a Thanksgiving wreath for your entrance door, there’s nothing to stop you from creating one for each season or holiday. When Thanksgiving is over you can remove the items to create a new wreath, or place it in a large plastic bag and store it for next year.

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