Decorated Cupcake Ideas

Stumped for cupcake decorating ideas? Have no fear! We’ve got 12 great ideas for decorating your little masterpieces.

Cupcakes can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Use lots of color or go monochrome.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your cupcakes. Have fun and enjoy.

From the slide show – a few extra instructions you might need for 2 of the ideas:

Easy Icing Flower CupcakesTo make the Easy Icing Flowers:

For the blue flowers: Using a Wilton 12 tip, make a mound in the center of your cupcake. Then use a Wilton 16 tip to make a small cluster of long star shapes out the top. Then starting around the bottom middle, use Wilton tip 18 to make the petals. Work around in a circle and then make another row above until you come to the top.

For the shaggy flowers: Make your leaf shapes with a leaf tip (Wilton 352 will do). Then use a multi-opening tip (Wilton 233) to make the shaggy petals. Start from the outside and make a circle. Then make another circle further in, until the whole cupcake is filled.

For the pink and blue cupcake: Add a few leaves and use a star tip to create small flowers around the cupcake. Use a small round decorator tip to add a dot to the center to the flowers (Wilton 3).

Sunflower CupcakeFor the Sunflower Cupcakes: These look tricky, but it’s a little deceptive. All you need is a dab of icing on the top of the cupcake, topped with an oreo cookie. Then a leaf tip (Wilton 352) will create the leaves on the bottom. Top with 2 more rows of yellow leaves. Add a little ladybug royal icing accent as the finishing touch.

The rest of the ideas are in the slide show. Hope you enjoy!

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