Baby Milestones Recorded With Baby App

There is such a thing as Mommy Brain that makes it hard to remember everything you want to remember. When you have a baby you want to keep track of when your baby eats, sleeps, and messes for their health. Then you want to keep track of all the baby milestones for memories and bragging rights. The Baby Activity Logger iPhone app helps you keep track of baby milestones and more so you don't have to worry about forgetting. The first time your baby says “mama.” The first time they stand up. The first time they throw their food. Keeping all of it in one place used to be difficult. Not anymore. The Baby Activity Logger is a simple and easy to use app that tracks all of that for you. All its tracking features can be activated with just one or two clicks. Here’s how to use the Baby Activity Logger. Step 1: Download the App Go to the iTunes app store and search for “Baby Activity Logger.” Download the first result. download baby app

Step 2: Select Your Baby

Baby Activity Logger can track up to three different babies. Click the “Baby 1” button in the upper right to choose which baby you’re recording.

select baby in app

Select the baby whose behavior you want to record. If you want to change the names from “Baby 1” and “Baby 2” to your real baby’s name, click “Manage Babies.”

select baby 2

Step 3: Record Feeding

Click the milk bottle button in the upper left corner to record your child’s feeding.

record feeding

You’ll be asked which breast your baby is feeding from. You can also choose to feed from a bottle or feed solids.

record feeding details

A timer will start once you begin feeding. Once you’re done feeding, or if you want to change breasts, just click the feeding button again.

time baby feeding

Step 4: Diaper Changes

To record a diaper change, click the diaper icon in the upper right corner.

record diaper change

Then select what was in the diaper you changed. This will all be recorded in your logs, so you can use it to review your baby’s health later.

record diaper change details

Step 5: Other Activities

For other activities, click the lower left corner.

record baby activities

If your baby spat up or burped, click the respective button. Otherwise, click “Something Else.”

record baby activity details

Here you’ll be able to record anything your baby does. From sitting up to walking to talking, just type it in and it’ll be recorded.

record baby milestones

Step 6: Sleep

To record when your baby goes to sleep, click the sleep button in the lower right corner.

record baby sleep times

Choose whether your baby woke up or went to sleep.

record when baby woke up

Step 7: View Today’s Activities

To see what your baby has done today, just click the “Today” button on the bottom navigation bar.

view baby records

You’ll be shown the logs of everything your baby has done so far today. To see other days, just use the arrows along the top.

see baby milestones record

Step 8: See Statistical Totals

To see statistical totals on your baby’s activities, click “Totals” in the bottom navigation bar.

baby total records

Here you can see statistics on how much your baby has fed, how long your baby has slept, how many diapers you’ve used and more.

baby records in app

Step 9: Optional Diary

If you’d like to keep personal notes on your baby, you can do so using the diary. The diary works just like any other diary: Write whatever you like, then you can go back and read it later.

To access the diary, click the lower right “Diary” button. Click the plus button in the upper right corner to add an entry.

record baby milestones in diary

That’s how to use the Baby Activity Logger to keep track of all your baby’s various activities!

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