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Many moms look for information about babies as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Babycenter has lots of tips, tools, and information to help moms find all the baby information they need. BabyCenter’s main attraction is its timeline, which is available in web form and in newsletter form. It’s essentially a custom information provider that’s tailored to your due date or baby’s age. The website also features a wide range of different tools, from ovulation calculators to height predictors. In addition to tools, the website also has a diverse online community where moms and future moms can get together and share thoughts and advice. Here’s a virtual tour of some of BabyCenter’s main features. Newsletter by Child Age Parenting newsletters work a little differently than other internet newsletters. When it comes to parenting, the age of your child makes a big difference. The same is true of pregnancy. BabyCenter’s informational newsletter is tailored to your baby’s age. Just type in his or her birthday and enter your email address. babycenter newsletter by birth date

Information by Timeline

Want to find information and tips about your current week in pregnancy, or your child based on their age? Just click the week or month in the top timeline bar.

babycenter timeline

The appropriate information will pop up below the timeline.

babycenter content

Featured Videos

On the right hand side of BabyCenter is its “Featured Video” section. This section presents special videos about topics that BabyCenter thinks you might be interested in.

babycenter featured video

If you want to see more videos, just click the “See all BabyCenter videos” link.

Calendars and Tools

To access some of BabyCenter’s many different tools, hover your mouse over the “Calculators & More” navigation link on the left.

babycenter calenders and tools

Select one of the tools. For example, this is what the Height Predictor tool looks like.

babycenter height predictor

Questions and Answers

BabyCenter has a large Q&A section. Using this section, you can find previous questions that have been answered by experts, as well as post your own questions for other moms to help out with.

To access the questions and answers section, hover your mouse over the “Get Answers” tab.

babycenter questions

Click the “Is it Safe?” or “Is it Normal?” tabs to see previous answers to specific questions. Click “All Expert Answers” to see all the answers that experts have posted.

babycenter pregnancy questions

To access the “for moms by moms” Q&A section, click “Mom Answers.” Here you’ll be able to both ask questions and answer questions.

babycenter ask and answer moms

Community & Groups

BabyCenter has a strong online community of mothers that you can interact with. Just hover your mouse over “Community” to see the different options available to you.

babycenter groups

Once you’re in any page in the group section, you’ll see the top groups on the right hand side. These are the most active discussions that you might be interested in.

babycenter top groups

This is what a discussion group on BabyCenter looks like. You can read posts, search posts and post replies or questions of your own.

babycenter group example

These are some of the main features that BabyCenter has to offer. If you’re expecting a baby or already have a baby, BabyCenter can be an invaluable resource for baby information as well as a stellar support community.

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