Food Ideas with Citrus Fruits


We’ve always been told citrus fruit is good for us, but it’s not just because of the vitamin C. Citrus fruits also contain dietary fiber, potassium, folate, calcium, thiamin and more.

Plus, citrus fruits are low in calories, so you can eat away without guilt.

Of course, saying it’s good for us is one thing. Incorporating these healthy fruits into our diets is completely another.

Here are some ideas for using citrus fruit in your every day life…

• Eat it as a snack. Whether you slice, peel or use a grapefruit spoon, it doesn’t matter. Pack an orange or a grapefruit in your next lunch instead of a carb-loaded treat.

• Flavor your water. Forget those flavored waters full of artificial sweeteners. Instead, prepare a nice cold pitcher of water in the morning and add some citrus slices. Enjoy all day long!

• For your seafood, poultry and more. Many of us may use citrus juices for marinated poultry or squirting on prepared seafood, cooking citrus slices with these proteins is also delicious.

• Zest away. Zest is the finely grated outside of a citrus fruit and you can use it in many ways. Add it to your baking, use it in a glaze when cooking proteins.

• Add it to salad. Green salad shouldn’t be restricted to vegetables only. Add mandarin or other favorite citrus slices.

• Make your own juice. Experiment with different combinations, making the healthiest juices possible in your own home.

• Satisfy your indulgent sweet tooth. We could tell you that an orange should be enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but it’s not always true. Use your fresh citrus to create meringue pies, chiffon cake and more. It’s always better tasting and better for you, if you make it yourself.

• Use it in your home. Citrus isn’t just for eating. Lemon juice is great for polishing, making fabrics smell fresher, getting rid of stains and more.

Whatever you do, keep plenty of citrus fruit on hand and make a plan to use it. It tastes great and it’s good for you.

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