Babysitter Basics For Teens

When you were growing up, you might not have heard about babysitter training. But today, there are classes and certifications to train teens on how to be a safe and effective babysitter. Teens learn that there is more to babysitting than just being in the same room with a baby or child; they learn basic skills and, in some cases, special skills like CPR. And all these qualifications can certainly enhance a teen’s resume.

Where Are Classes Held?

There are various places where teens can seek babysitter training. Your local hospital, YWCA, Red Cross chapter, or community center may offer classes, or have information on where and when classes are held. You can search online under “babysitter training classes” or “childcare training.”

What Can You Expect from the Classes?

There are several basic categories of babysitting classes. Some of them are simply advice and tips on childcare, whereas others delve into first aid and child safety. Nearly all types of classes are of some benefit. Here are some of the things you’ll learn at a babysitting class or classes:

* What games and activities are appropriate for what ages. This can be really helpful when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your charges.

* Child safety, including CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Sometimes this is called “lifesaver training,” and can really give you an edge with clients who want to know their child or baby is safe.

* Basic first aid, including what to do in an emergency.

* Basic understanding of babies, children, and how they act, which can go a long way toward preventing problems. In this day and age of “shaken baby syndrome,” parents are more concerned than ever that their babysitters know how to keep calm when baby cries, and have been trained as to what they can expect regarding crying.

* Handbooks are sometimes given out for babysitters to take with them to jobs. Red Cross classes usually give out this kind of handbook to class participants.

* Basic do’s and don’ts which sometimes need to be spelled out for young teens, such as not tying up the phone line with social calls, or not inviting friends over to the place where you’re babysitting.

You can also expect to obtain higher-paying clients if you have taken babysitting classes, especially if you earn a certification.

How Much Do Babysitting Classes Cost?

Sometimes you can find classes for free, such as at your school or online. Other times you may have to pay a fee, but sources say these fees are not usually high – about $25 to $50.

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