Crafts for Preschoolers: Snow Themed

It’s that time of year, and snow is an inspiring medium for all kinds of arts and crafts. Preschoolers tend to love crafts, and they can make things out of snow or use paper and other media for creating snow-inspired crafts. Here are some ideas for snowy arts and crafts for preschoolers.

1. Snow Viewing

When it’s snowing, take your kid(s) outside with a sheet of black paper and a magnifying glass. As the flakes land on the black paper, the kids can look closely at them and examine them under the magnifying glass. This is a simple activity and is not necessarily a craft per se, but it’s a great place to start to inspire preschoolers to create their own snowy creations.

2. Salty Snow

Epsom salt looks glittery and snowy on all sorts of objects. For preschoolers, try this fun craft. You can use these balls as Christmas tree ornaments, in bowls, or piled up on windowsills or in bay windows. You’ll need:

* Styrofoam balls, any size you like or a variety of sizes (you can also use inexpensive bulk Christmas tree balls)
* Epsom salts
* Decoupage medium or white glue slightly thinned with water
* Paintbrush (for the glue)

Place a good amount of Epsom salts on a plate. Using the paintbrush, coat balls one at a time with decoupage medium and roll them in Epsom salts. Once dry, repeat the process and you’ll have some very snowy looking balls! If you use varying sizes, you can then make snowmen with your preschooler(s).

Note: you can use this method on candles, votive holders, and anything you want to make look like snow.

3. Glue Snowflakes

Make snowflakes for your windows with this craft. You’ll need:

* White glue
* Wax paper
* Salt or glitter (optional)
* Snowflake design for inspiration

Lay the sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet or other hard surface that you can leave undisturbed for a few hours. Help your preschooler make snowflake shapes out of glue – squeeze the glue directly onto the wax paper. While the glue is wet, sprinkle on salt or glitter if you like. When the snowflakes dry, peel them off and hang them up in windows or on the tree. Use a little soft wax (such as beeswax) to stick them to windows.

4. Ice and Salt Sculptures

Begin the night before for this craft. You’ll need:

* 1-quart plastic yogurt tub, whipped topping tub, or similar plastic or cardboard container (milk cartons work, too)
* Liquid food coloring
* Rock salt, such as driveway salt
* Plastic gloves or small scoop (to keep salt off hands)
* Camera (this craft melts!)

The night before, make ice blocks by filling your container with water and freeze. In the morning or whenever you’re ready to do the craft, run hot water over the container and slip the ice block out. Place the ice in a pan or tub, large side up (if there is a larger side).

Let your preschooler sprinkle rock salt on the top of the ice block using gloves or a scoop. Then drop liquid food coloring on top where the salt chunks are. Vary the colors. As the salt melts the ice, it will create color streaks through the ice block, as well as create interesting shapes. Take pictures!

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