Family Fitness Tips

At New Year’s, a lot of people make resolutions to get into shape. If you and your family want to get into shape in the upcoming year, you might have made a similar commitment. Here are some tips to help keep your whole family fit in the New Year – and hopefully thereafter.


“Do it yourself” – it can apply to home repairs and fitness. Think “DIY” regarding chores and tasks such as car washing, yard work, snow shoveling, painting, window washing, etc. Tackle these tasks as a family and get everyone moving.

If you’re currently paying to have these tasks done, getting the family involved will save you money. If you’re already doing these tasks yourself, it will take a load off if you all work on these tasks together. Yard clean up, for instance, can be divided into those who rake or shovel, those who sweep, those who trim, mow, and so forth.

Include Others

Find another family that wants to get in shape and keep fit, and see if they will team up with you. Then you can make dates to play at the park, or sign up for sports together. It can help keep everyone motivated to have another family participating, because it makes it more fun and holds you accountable (if someone is waiting to meet you, for instance, you’re a lot more likely to keep a fitness activity appointment than if you’re just going by yourselves).

Try Something New

Sign the family up to learn something together. Maybe everyone could take a family martial arts class, or learn skiing. You can try several different activities depending on family interest and time of year. It’s likely that your family will find an activity that you all really take to, and you can continue this for years to come.

Think Before You Park

Many of us automatically try to find the closest possible parking place when we run errands and go shopping. Try reversing your thinking – park farther away to get an extra walk in. Whatever family members are along will get in on the extra exercise as well.

Family Game Night – Fitness-Style

Have you thought about all the fun and active games that a family can play together? Try implementing a family game night several times a week (or once a week to start) that requires movement on the part of the players. Depending on the weather, you can play some active games inside or out, such as:

* Capture the flag
* Tag/Freeze tag/”Flashlight” tag
* Dance contests
* Hopscotch
* Catch
* Frisbee
* Relay races

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