New Years Eve Party | Frugal Tips

You can throw a fun New Year’s party without spending a lot of money. And if you get a little creative, no one will know you didn’t spend a lot! Here are some ideas on how to throw a frugal New Year’s party.

Better Late Than Never

If you are able, have your New Year’s party late in the day – this is easy if it’s a New Year’s Eve party. The party can start after dinner time, meaning you don’t have to spend a lot on food. Start your party around 9pm and all you’ll need to serve are drinks and some dessert items like candy or cookies.

A Fun Twist on the Potluck

Instead of just asking people to bring a dish (boring), each guest bring an ingredient of a “mystery dish(es)” that you and your guests will assemble together. Soups, stews, and salads lend themselves to this method, as do some tasty casseroles. This saves you some money and makes a fun activity for guests.

Decorate with Nature

Here is where you can impress with your creativity and no one will think about the lack of expense! Use freshly-cut evergreens if you have access to them, and weave wreaths, make swags, or just lay the evergreen boughs along level surfaces such as your mantle. You can also make garlands from popcorn and berries. Holly and ivy are easy to find and often plentiful. Some property owners might really appreciate it if you’d cut some of their holly or ivy!

Cross-sections of small logs can be used as candle holders. Pine cones and nuts can be transformed with a can a gold or silver spray paint.

Recycle Colorful Paper

If you have a lot of holiday catalogues or magazines, you can cut them up to make paper chains, or even create origami centerpieces. You can even make your party invitations and party hats from these free, colorful resources. Don’t forget about all that Christmas wrapping paper and bows! You can make dramatic centerpieces from these, and use the ribbons to decorate a garland.


You can come up with some really fun party games that do not have to cost anything. Dig out old board games like Operation, Trivial Pursuit, or Pictionary for a retro feel. You can play cards or “floor” games like charades. Your guests will enjoy getting prizes. You don’t have to spend a lot on those, either – homemade candy or cookies wrapped in festive paper are a frugal idea, or you can give away homemade hot chocolate mix or herbal teas.

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