Car Salesman Strategies For New Car Buyers

When you need a new car, the negotiation process can seem intimidating. When it’s time for you to shop seriously for your new car, it helps to be “armed” with some strategies. Here are some tips on negotiating that new car purchase.

Which Car

The first thing to decide is which car you want to buy. This may seem overly basic to include as a first step, but you’d be surprised how many people step onto a car lot with only a vague idea as to what they want or need in a vehicle. At the very least, you should know what type of vehicle you want (truck, SUV, sedan, etc.).


Salesmen like to up the cost of your car purchase by adding on details. These don’t sound like a lot of money in relation to the car cost, but they can add up quickly and put you over your budget. So decide ahead of time what add-ons you want and need and those you can do without.

The Numbers

When you research what kind of car you want, you will get an idea as to the car’s cost. This will help you have a dollar amount in mind when you go to the dealership. This is a good defense against a car salesman’s attempt to get you to buy a more expensive car.

Ready to Buy Today

Car salesmen are under a lot of pressure to sell cars that day, and not let customers get away. Remember this and use it to your advantage. If you go in to a dealership ready to buy that day, you will have a lot more negotiating clout.

Once you walk away, or if you tell the salesman that you are “just looking,” then the salesman may not pay much attention to you or be very willing to negotiate. After all, what’s the point if you’re not buying? But if you make it clear you’re ready to buy, they will probably be ready to negotiate.

As you take this ready-to-buy stance, it can work for you if you are clear with your terms: you will buy today if you can get a certain deal. Most salesmen are so eager to make the sale that day that they will probably meet your terms.

Use the Internet

It’s a good idea to establish yourself as an “internet customer.” Dealers recognize internet customers as more savvy than others, because internet customers have probably done a lot of research and will be armed with lots of information. A good way to start is to email the dealer and get an email price quote on the car you want. They will know that you’ll recognize a price that’s ridiculously high, because you’re in the know.

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