Dinner Meals with Chicken – Ideas!

Continuing along with our chicken dinner ideas series, here’s 3 more for you.

1.   Chicken Caesar Salad: Have some leftover chicken? Chop it into your Caesar salad. If you don’t have any premade chicken, simply grill a boneless breast and slice. Top your salad with croutons, parmesan cheese and even a little bit of bacon, if you’d like.

2.    Chicken Cordon Bleu: Sometimes called chicken cordon Swiss, chicken cordon bleu is a breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham or prosciutto and Swiss cheese. You can prepare your own chicken cordon bleu from scratch, but many grocery stores carry delicious premade varieties. Bake according to the package directions and serve with steamed rice and vegetables.

3.    Chicken Divan: A casserole, made with broccoli, almonds and Mornay sauce, you can make a simpler version using canned soups. Layer a baking dish with broccoli and then top with chicken breast pieces. Add a can each of condensed cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup. Add about ½ cup of milk and cover with foil. Bake in a 350 F oven for about 45 minutes. Remove foil about 15 minutes sooner and top with shredded cheddar cheese.

Other Chicken Dinner Ideas:

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