Preschooler Crafts – Tips for Working with Young Children

Crafting with young children can be a whole lot of fun, but it’s challenging if you’re not prepared. Use these tips to keep things simple and fun for all.

  • Crafting with a group of young children? Pre-cut all pieces to make assembling the craft much easier.
  • When crafting with young children, don’t worry about perfection. All that matters is they have fun and are happy with the result.
  • Learn to be flexible when crafting with young children. Sometimes projects are too complicated. Be prepared to modify as you go along.
  • Turn your piggy bank painting craft into a money saving lesson. Talk to the kids about what they plan to save their money for.
  • Kid Craft, Learning and Gift Idea – Calendars. Having children create a calendar for the family is a great gift idea and it helps reinforce the sequencing of months, days, seasons and holidays.
  • Lettered beads make fun crafts and can help children develop spelling skills, so have fun with them. Kids can put together a variety of words before they make their final jewelry piece.
  • Teach children scissor safety. Never run with scissors, use them only at a table and pass them by holding the tightly closed blades.
  • Instead of asking children what they have drawn, engage them in a discussion. Ask them to tell you something about their painting or compliment them on certain aspects.
  • Natural clay needs water, but not too much. If you’re using natural clay with young children, soak a paper towel and show the children how to squeeze out a bit of water on their hands. Then they can place their wet hands on the clay to moisturize it.
  • Use washable inkpads when crafting with children. They will inevitably stamp their hands, arms and even their legs.
  • By nature, most children will not wind down their glue sticks before replacing the lid. Show children how to do this and remind them when using glue sticks.
  • Sand play encourages creativity and freedom of expression, understanding of shapes and cooperation.
  • Turn crafting into an event. Make your own puppets and stage a puppet show, too.

If you’re looking for craft ideas for preschoolers, watch this video:

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