Virtual Makeover By Daily Makeover

Daily Makeover has a fairly advanced virtual makeover system. You can use their models, use your own picture or even take a new picture with your webcam. You can choose from hundreds of different hairstyles, choose different hair colors, change your lipstick, eyeliner and foundation styles and a lot more. Here’s how to use Daily Makeover along with a demonstration of some of their most prominent features. Step 1: Choose Model or Your Photo If you’d like to use the application with a model’s photo, just select one of the models. If you’d like to use your own photo, click “Upload Your Own Photo.” click upload photo At this point, you’ll be presented with two options: To upload an existing picture or to take one with your camera’s webcam.

Step 2: Using the Webcam to Take a New Picture (Optional)

Position your laptop or webcam so that you’re in front of the camera with a blank white wall behind you. Pull your hair back.

Click “Take a Photo” to begin the photo process.

take photo with webcam

Click “Access camera.”

access camera

Then allow Daily Makeover to access your camera.

allow camera access

You’ll then be presented with a video of yourself in front of the camera. Click the camera button once you’re in position for a good still shot.

Step 3: Upload an Existing Photo

If you’d like to upload an existing photo instead of taking a new photo, click “Upload a Photo” instead.

click upload photo

Step 4: Create an Account

Once you have your photo uploaded, you need to create an account before you can use the makeover software.

create account

Step 5: Crop Your Picture

Crop your picture so that only your head and some of your shoulders are visible. Drag the corner to enlarge or shrink the visible area of the photo.

crop picture

Step 6: Adjustments

You can adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation before proceeding.

adjust lighting and color

Step 7: Tracing

The software will need you to trace various areas of the face so it can apply the right effects to the right areas.

trace mouth

Step 8: Hairstyle

Once the photo setup is complete, you’ll be prompted to choose a hairstyle. Choose from one of the ones shown, or click “Next” to see more.

choose hairstyle

You can choose a different shade of color by clicking “Hair Color.”

choose hair color

Step 9: Facial Makeup

Click “Face” in the top navigation bar to apply facial makeup.

You can then apply foundation, concealer or blush. Click the colors in the palette to try them on and use the top sub-navigation bar to apply different kinds of makeup.

foundation concealer blush

Step 10: Eye Makeup

Click “Eyes” in the top navigation menu to access the eye makeup.

Choose between eye shadow, eye liner or mascara in the top navigation sub-menu.

Use the palettes on the left to apply different kinds of eye makeup.

eye shadow liner mascara

Step 11: Lip Makeup

Click “Lips” in the top navigation menu to apply lip makeup.

Choose from lipstick, lip gloss or upliner in the top sub-navigation.

lip color

After applying foundation, lipstick, hairstyle and eye makeup, here’s the before and after of what our model looks like right now:

before and after

Step 12: Accessories

Click “Accessories” in the top navigation menu to access all the different kinds of accessories that you can use.

Choose from jewelry, eyewear, hats, hair clips and scarves.

Once a piece of accessory is applied, you can move it around by clicking and dragging.

Here’s what our model looks like after adding a hair clip and a scarf:

add accessories

Step 13: Saving and Loading

To save your makeover, click the “Save” button in the lower right corner.

save makeover

To access a previously saved makeover, click “My Makeovers” in the top menu.

access saved makeover

That’s how to use Daily Makeover. You’ve learned how to take a new photo, how to upload an existing photo, how to change your hairstyle, how to color your hair, how to add accessories and how to apply makeup to your eyes, lips and face.

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