More Baking Tips – Randomized

A little while ago, I shared a few random baking tips. Here are a few more to make your treats a fantastic delight!

  • When baking, place the oven rack in the middle position unless otherwise noted in the recipe.
  • A baker’s dozen is 13. Baking in 13s helps in arrangement and allows items to bake more evenly.  I personally never do that, but thought you might want to know! 😉
  • Brown sugar is measured “packed”. That means you should press it firmly into your dry measure cup to ensure you have the right amount.
  • Uneven temperature in your oven? Rotate your cookies and other baked items part way through for more evenness.
  • Measure dry ingredients like flour and sugar with dry measuring cups. Fill the cup and scrape a knife over the top to remove extra.
  • When measuring wet ingredients like oil or milk, always place the measuring cup on the counter to ensure a level surface.

Now get baking!

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