How Audiobooks Work (Perfect for the Mom on the Go

Do you want to continue learning about new things, read new books and expand your horizons, but you just can’t find time to fit it in your schedule? Audiobooks can help. Audiobooks span many different topics, can be listened to anywhere and are an all-round stellar way to enhance your knowledge on the go.

==> Location, Location, Location

With an iPod, iPhone or MP3 player, you could be learning new things no matter where you are.

Most people underestimate how much down time they have in their day. If you drive 30 minutes to work, 30 minutes back, walk 10 minutes to lunch, walk 10 minutes back and have a 40 minute lunch, that’s two hours of down time right there!

Instead of wasting that time, if you put that time towards audiobooks you’d easily be “reading” one book a week.

Without having to put much more effort in your life, you can quickly speed past your colleagues or competitors by educating yourself with every spare moment you have.

==> The Joys of Double Speed

Many educational books are, unfortunately, a tad boring. A business biography may spend an hour and a half on a person’s childhood before they get to useful material. Or a narrator’s voice may be monotonous, resulting in a difficult listen.

Enter the double-speed playback. This is a feature automatically enabled on iPods and iPhones for Audiobook format (.m4b) files. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to play your audiobooks at twice the speed.

It’s true that some books are hard to comprehend when played faster. But many books are not only understandable, but much more entertaining and educational when they are played faster.

In this manner, an eight-hour audiobook becomes a four-hour audiobook. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, but you’ll learn twice as fast.

==> Vary Your Knowledge

What are the latest developments in the field of exercise? What’s the back story of how Facebook was founded? What makes a good team leader? Why did the financial markets crash in 2008?

It’s hard for someone to keep abreast a variety of different topics at once. It’s just not practical.

But with audiobooks, you can. Any time a particularly good book in a particular field comes up, it’ll jump to the top of the bestseller or most downloaded list. When that happens, you can pick up the book if it’s one of the topics that interest you.

In short, audiobooks can help you increase your knowledge without having to spend extra time or energy. All you’re doing is converting down time into learning time. You can learn about a vast array of different topics, or just learn more and dive deeply into topics you care about.

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