Kids Camp!: Activities for the Backyard or Wilderness – Book Overview

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Summertime is the time for kids to enjoy the outdoors. If you and your children are planning to have some fun camping in National or State Parks, this book is very helpful for your kids to read though before leaving. It is aimed for kids Grade 3 to about Grade 6.

First of all, it starts with the all important “packing” section and what to bring along on your camping trip. Learn what clothes to bring, how to make your own warm ponchos, how to make your own camping gear. It reminds you not to forget a first aid kit and maybe a camping journal. Kids will love the snack ideas and recipes such as energy bars, fruit leather, banana chips etc.

The book also gives guidance on where and how to set up camp (for the camp novices). Kids even learn how to make their own broom to keep tents clean or how to make their own rope. Learning knots is important for any camper, and the kids will get detailed instructions on how to tie overhand knots, bowtie knots and others. In addition, the book is full of fun craft, game and nature activity ideas that kids can get themselves excited about while at camp. Whether your kids like weather watching, wildlife watching, or make leaf stencils and pine needle necklaces, this book is full of great ideas on camp food, activities, crafts and tips and advice on how to stay safe during your camping adventure.

I would certainly recommend this little book of camping advice for any youngster excited about their summer camping trip.

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