My Invitation Link Review – How to Send Digital Wedding Invitations

My Invitation Link is an online wedding invitation service that allows anyone to create dynamic multimedia invites. The invites can be embedded with music and pictures, as well as multiple text slides. These invitations are both rich and classy; and extremely easy for anyone to create, regardless of technical skill. Here’s how to use My Invitation Link. Step 1: Click Start Now Go to Click on “Start Now” to begin the card creation process. start now

Step 2: Choose a Template

My Invitation Link has many different templates to choose from. Each template has its own background, text style, borders and default audio.

Any time you click on a template, it’ll automatically play a preview of that template.

pick a template

Go through a few different templates before choosing the one to use for your invitations. Once you’re ready to make your selection, click “Select Template.”

select template

Step 3: Add Photos

Click the “Browse” button to look for photos on your computer. Once you’ve selected all the photos you to upload, click “Upload” to send those photos to My Invitation Link.

browse for photos

Step 4: Create Text Slides

Most invitation will have a few text slides sprinkled throughout, in addition to the photographs. My Invitation Link makes it easy to do that.

First start by choosing the text slide’s style.

select slide style

Once you’ve selected the overall style, click “Edit” next to that slide.

edit text on slide

Change the text to display whatever you want.

edit text for slide

My Invitation Link will format the text and put it against the template’s background. It’ll look something like this:

example of slide

Repeat this process as many times as you want to add more slide.

Step 5: Add Music

You have the ability to either add your own music, or use My Invitation Link’s existing audio library.

To add your own music, click “Browse” to find the music on your own computer. Once you’ve selected the .mp3 file, click “Upload.”

upload your own music

If you’d rather use one of My Invitation Link’s existing music files, just select it from the song selector at the bottom of the page.

select existing music

Click “Continue” when you’re finished.

Step 6: Set Your Invitation Settings

Here are a few basic settings to set for your invitations.

basic invitation settings

Here you’ll get to choose whether you want people to RSVP and/or appear on a map, whether or not you want social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) buttons on your invitations, whether you want to link to a registry and what URL you want for your invitation link.

Step 7: Put Your Slide Together

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a project creator. This system allows you to drag and drop photos and slides into a timeline. The program will play the timeline from beginning to end, creating a beautiful slideshow along with the music you selected to play.

You can also adjust the playback speed on the left.

put slides in order

Step 8: Create Your Account & Send Invitations

Create your account by entering your email and desired password. You’ll then be asked for your billing information.

Once you’ve paid for the service, you can then put in all your friends’ contact information and your invitations will be sent out.

create an account

Congratulations! You now know how to send out multimedia wedding invitation cards using My Invitation Link. You know how to add photos, add slides, add your own music or use existing music and how to finally put everything together in a timeline.

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