Create an Online Wedding Registry with My Registry

MyRegistry is a very versatile online tool that allows you to find online products, add them to your registry and share your registry with friends. You can use their on-board search tools, or you can use their toolbar to add products from almost every major shopping site on the internet. You can create your own link to share your registry, or you can send your friends and family e-nouncement cards to view your registry. Here’s how to setup and use Step 1: Register for Click the “Start Now” button to register. start now button

Enter your address information.

address information

Finish the registration process with your registry options. You can add another person to your registry, as well as add a password so friends and family can access the registry.

registry options

Once you’re finished, go to your email to confirm the account.

Step 2: Add Products by Search

After finishing your registration, you’ll immediately see your logged-in home page. Along the top is a search bar.

Just type in the name of any product to pull up a list of potential products to add to your registry.

search for products

Scroll down the lists and find the product you want to add. Click “Add to MyRegistry.”

add blender to registry Fill out the additional information on the item, including notes you want others to see.

additional blender information

Once you’re finished, click “Add This Gift to Your Registry.”

Step 3: Add Products Checklist-Style

Rather than searching for products one by one, you can do it all at once using MyRegistry’s checklist. Here’s how.

First, click the “Add Gifts” button along the top nav bar.

add gifts

Then click the “Checklists” button.

checklist button

You’ll be presented with a list of categories, along with specific products that couples tend to want on their wedding registries.

This is what the checklist looks like:

checklist example

Check all the boxes of product categories that you’re interested in.

After you click “Next,” you’ll be presented with a list of actual products based on the categories you checked on the page before.

Click on any of these products to add them to your registry.

generated products

Step 4: Add Products from Any Major Site

Want to browse for products on Bed Bath and Beyond, or any other website and add them to your registry? You can.

First, you need to install the MyRegistry toolbar.

Click the “Get the Add to MyRegistry Button” link, in the “Add Gifts” tab to get the toolbar.

button to add to my wedding registry

You’ll be presented with a page of instructions. Click on the button and hold it and drag it to your bookmark bar.

page of instructions for button

This button will then show up on your bookmarks:

button for your bookmarks

When you’re browsing any major shopping site, all you need to do is click that button to add the item to your registry.

Step 5: Share Your Registry

Once you’ve added all the items you want to add, the next step is to share your registry with friends.

First go to the “Share” tab in the top navigation bar.

share button in navigation bar

In the next page, if you just want to share a link, click the “Customize Registry Web Address” button.

customize registry link

If you want to send an e-noucement card, click the “Send a Personalized e-Nouncement Card” button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can personalize the card, choose graphics and send the cards out to your friends and family.

online announcement cards

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to sign up for MyRegistry, how to search for specific items, how to use the toolbar and how to use the checklist to find items. You’ve also learned how to create your own link to share your registry, as well as send e-nouncement cards to friends and family.

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