Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas You’ll Love

When you finally make the decision to start making scrapbooks, you’re very likely to go out and buy all the materials you think you need. This will probably lead to some buyer’s remorse when you realize you have a bunch of stuff you don’t need or can’t afford.

It’s easy to make a scrapbook on a budget with a lot of stuff you already have, you just need to know where to look. Here are some things you probably already have that can help get you started

Clothes. If you have clothes that are too worn out or stained to make good hand me downs or donations, why not add pieces of them to your layouts. Not only will you be saving money and making less trash, you’ll also be reminded of great memories of your loved ones even if you didn’t manage to get a picture.

Jewelry. Have an earring that’s missing it’s mate? A necklace with a broken clasp? What about a bracelet your child has outgrown? Instead of getting rid of them or just filling up space in a box, why not use them to add a little sparkle to your scrapbooks?

Gift decorations. Think about all the birthday, Christmas, baby, wedding, and any other gifts you’ve ever given or received. Now think about all the money you spend on wrapping paper, bags, bows, ribbons, and other decorations. Sometimes old decorations can be reused, but often they just get shoved in a closet or thrown away. Using them in your scrapbooks can make beautiful layouts and bring you back to the special occasion where you got them. Just watch out, some of these products can have high acid content.

Trash. Yes, some trash belongs in a trash can (or a compost heap), some might just make for a creative new layout. Next time you go to throw something away, take a good hard look at it first. It might just make a great background, border, or embellishment.

Souvenirs and Memories. Pictures aren’t the only way to spark your memories. Add to pictures of your ski trip by using your lift ticket or trail map in your scrap book. If your son won the science fair, use his blue ribbon to add a special touch. Remember good times with friends by scrapping the tickets stubs from a movie you saw together or a matchbook from the restaurant you always eat at

Storage. You can not only use things you already have to put in your scrapbook, you can also store your supplies in items that may be taking up closet (or trash) space. Old jars and cups work great for storing ribbons and other embellishments. Did your husband get a new tackle box and hasn’t gotten rid of the old one? All those little spaces are great for organizing buttons are even different adhesives.

Creativity. The only limit you have when you scrap is your own imagination. There are all kinds of things you can use in a scrapbook that aren’t found at a scrapbooking store; you just need to teach yourself to recognize them.

So get up, look around your house, and start scrapping.

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