Scrapbooking Book Recommendations

The internet has become a haven for scrapbookers all over the world to share their ideas, layouts, opinions, and pretty much whatever they want to say about scrapbooking. While hearing what people like you have to say is a great learning tool and shouldn’t be ignored, don’t forget about researching scrapbooking in books as well as online.

Books give you an expert opinion from someone you can know and trust. They can get your started; give you techniques, inspiration, ideas, and whatever else you need to make great work.

When you get started in scrapbooking, you’re very likely to get overwhelmed. You want to scrap everything and make every layout perfect. Eventually you’re so stressed over your books; you’re not having fun anymore. If you want to keep beautiful memories without making scrapbooking a chore, check out “The Big Picture: Scrapbook your life and a Whole lot more” by Stacy Julian. It also includes some great layouts to get you started.

If you’re just looking for a little inspiration and a lot of sample layouts, then “The Amazing Page: 650 New Scrapbook Page Ideas, Tips and Techniques” is just the book to get you started. It has ideas for every style and occasion. There is sure to be something in there to get you going and give you endless ideas.

While it’s easy to focus on your pictures, fancy backgrounds and flashy embellishments, the words in your scrapbook are just as important as all the rest. The journaling is what tells the story of your scrapbook and gives it true depth. By reading “What About the Words: Creative Journaling for Scrapbookers”, you can learn to add character to your scrapbooks by improving your writing quality. It can teach you how to tell your story better with words AND pictures.

These books are great to get your started, but you don’t have to stop reading once you’ve got the basics down. There are more advanced books out there for every facet of scrapbooking for simple or elaborate books. Once you get started and develop your own style, it’s easy to find something to help you do what you like as well as you possibly can.

Want to get started right now without having to go to a bookstore or wait for your order to arrive in the mail? There are also some great e-books your can purchase to get yourself jumpstarted right away. The best part about ebooks is that they generally cut to the chase and give you the bare essentials you need to get started.

There are e-books on every topic, from quick and easy layouts, poems, quotes and journaling suggestions, organization tips, and even e-books on how to get rid of “scrappers block” and get the creative juices flowing again. E-books are quick, easy, and usually pretty inexpensive.

No matter what your style, skill level, or price range, there are books out there to turn you into a high quality scrapbooker.

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