Sell Handmade Goods – 50 Things to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a great place for creative individuals to make products and sell for extra money. You could even make a full time living just by selling handmade products on Etsy.

What can you sell on Etsy? Here are 50 items to help get you started.

  1. Homemade cups. Got a talent for pottery? Etsy’s a great outlet for your goods.
  2. Hand painted plates & cups. Even if you can’t make cups, you can paint them!
  3. Paintings and drawings. Though you won’t get high-end prices for paintings, you can still get decent prices from Etsy.
  4. Hand cased journals. Buy a journal, wrap it in leather, silk, denim or other material.
  5. Handmade handbags. Make a handbag out of interesting materials. Go for the classy or artsy look.
  6. Creative wallets. Make your own wallets with special designs.
  7. Knitted kids shoes. Knit warm and snuggly shoes for kids.
  8. Home printed T-shirts. A great way to express your sense of style.
  9. Hand sewn clothing. You can even offer tailoring if they have specific measurements.
  10. Crochet gloves. Hand crochet gloves often feel warmer and cozier than factory made.
  11. Crochet hats. Perhaps add a design in to give it some flair.
  12. Handmade sandals. Sandals are easy to make and offer a lot of room for creativity.
  13. Decorated dolls. Doll collectors and kids love creative designs.
  14. Creative glass decorations. If you’re into glass art, this is a fantastic way to make some money.
  15. Hand sewn pillow cases. Buy some gorgeous fabrics from your local fabric store, sew it into a pillow’s shape and list it on Etsy. Perfect for beginners!
  16. Hand sewn tissue boxes. Be sure to put some stiffer material inside so it keeps the shape.
  17. Handmade silver jewelry. One of the higher priced items on Etsy, giving you some room for markup.
  18. Hand knit coffee cup holders. Who wouldn’t want to slip their daily cup of coffee into a hand-knit cup holder?
  19. Hand stamped guitar picks. Offer to engrave or burn in names, bands or slogans into guitar picks.
  20. Hand carved guitar picks. Carve guitar picks by hand using beautiful wood as a base.
  21. Homemade chocolate. If it tastes great, you’ll probably get repeat sales.
  22. Natural dried fruits. Easy to make with a dehydrator.
  23. Hand carved chess set. These can go for a lot of money – Though they’re also a lot of work.
  24. Handmade wooden pen. A gentlemen’s classic.
  25. Handmade kaleidoscopes. Some wood and a few pieces of glass can produce a world of magic.
  26. Personalized or handmade instruments (guitars, flutes, drums.) A very specialized skill.
  27. Shell jewelry. If you leave near a beach, go find the most elegant shells you can and craft jewelry from them.
  28. Leather bracelets. Learning to make buckles or cut leather isn’t difficult; the trick is developing an eye for what kind of bracelets people want.
  29. Custom fitted corsets. For women with more gothic or vintage tastes, this is more of a low-volume high-margin product.
  30. Geek paraphernalia. Watched with Tetris art or Harry Potter wands actually generate quite a few sales, believe it or not.
  31. Handmade watches (or watch bands.) Make someone a custom watch with a unique design. If you don’t know how to make watches, just buy the watch piece and custom design the wristband.
  32. Decorated water bottles. Give your customers the joy of going hiking or to yoga with a unique and creative water bottle.
  33. Scented candles. Make unique scents they can’t find in stores.
  34. Woodwick candles. Instead of using a nylon wick, put wood in the middle instead. It burns longer and releases more fragrance. A very niche product.
  35. Strangely shaped soaps (sword, hands, angels.) Gives the bathroom a touch of personality.
  36. Books you wrote. If you’re not officially published, try selling a few books on Etsy.
  37. Handmade bookmarks. Just about anyone can make bookmarks. How well they’ll sell depends entirely on your design.
  38. Animal-free bath products. Mix your own soap, shampoo or toothpaste to cater to the vegan crowd.
  39. Headbands. Knit, sew or crochet headbands.
  40. Hair clips. Though small in size, they offer infinite possibilities in design. Should you add a small glass bird? Perhaps a flower? Maybe go for a more oriental look?
  41. Decorated pocket mirrors. A touch of class never hurts when someone needs to do their makeup in public.
  42. Bras and lingerie. Why go to Victoria’s Secret when you can instead have your lingerie designed by a woman who really understands what’s sexy?
  43. Homemade perfume or cologne. Create better scents with fewer chemicals than Dior or Armani.
  44. Creative key chains. Perhaps add a Lego piece for geeks or a dinosaur’s tooth for the wealthy.
  45. Rings. You can cater to just about any audience with rings.
  46. Earrings. First think about who your audience is, then think about what they want. (Classy? Unique? Sexy? Conversation starters?) Start your design with that in mind.
  47. Pendants and necklaces. Have an interesting center piece for a necklace? Start with the pendant, then the necklace.
  48. Creative belts. Either make the belt from scratch, or buy plainer belts and make them more stylish.
  49. Assorted candy box. If you have a great taste for sweets, perhaps others would like your selections as well.
  50. Carvings. Wealthier clients will love having hand carved products to decorate their homes with.

This is just the start. Look over your strengths, skills and artistic tendencies and find the best product for you.

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