Silk Flower Crafts – Easy to Get Started

Silk flowers are a wonderful way to add low maintenance beauty to your home. Silk stays bright and colorful for years and silk flower arrangements are ideal for those who were born without a green thumb. They’re also an excellent way to have the warmth and beauty of flowers without having to replace fresh flowers on a regular basis.

Many hobby, gift and flower shops offer a selection of gorgeous silk flowers ranging from a simple daisy to an elegant orchid. A wide variety can be found which provides endless opportunities to create flower arrangements to suit your home and your personal tastes.

To get started making a silk flower arrangement there are a few supplies necessary. They include:

o Floral foam
o Hot glue and hot glue gun (for adhering the foam to the bottom of your vase, basket or container)
o Moss to cover the foam
o U shaped floral pins to adhere the moss to the foam
o If you’re working with a basket as a container, line it with newspaper first so the foam doesn’t fall through the basket weavings.
o Wire clippers

Once you have acquired the necessary tools and equipment there are a few simple designs to begin and experiment with.

Triangle arrangements. This is one of the steadfast standbys in floral design. The shape of the final product will resemble a triangle. The height of the design is always more than the width. Begin by establishing the width and height with some of your smaller greenery and/or flowers.

The larger flowers, the ones with the biggest circumference, will be positioned lower to give weight and visual focus to the arrangement. Fill in the space as necessary to create the desired effect.

Vertical arrangements. With a vertical arrangement the tallest flower should be three to four times the height of the vase. That means if you use a vase that is 5 inches tall, the tallest flower should be 15 to 20 inches tall. Fill in the space as necessary to create the desired effect.

Horizontal arrangements. For this arrangement use a shallow container or vase. Generally greenery is used to establish the flow of the piece with it being positioned fairly symmetrical on both sides. Focal flowers are positioned in the middle of the arrangement with all flowers and greenery being arranged so they droop over the edge of the vase. Fill in the space as necessary to create the desired effect keeping in mind that the arrangement is horizontal and no height needs to be added.

Every design discipline has a few steadfast rules and flower arranging is no different. Experts recommend:

o Keeping space between the flowers to avoid an overcrowded effect.
o Using flowers and greenery in all stages of development. From bud to full bloom.
o Gently bending the flowers and opening and separating petals and leaves for a more natural look.

A silk flower arrangement can last many years with proper care and cleaning. An ozone free aerosol spray cleaner is the fastest and easiest way to preserve your beautiful arrangement and help it retain its vibrant color.

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