Ice Candles – Make Them in Your Yard

During the summer time you probably spend a lot of time outdoors. Many families have solar lights to decorate their backyard. In the wintertime, however, the solar lights may not work because the sun isn’t out long enough. What can you do to illuminate your backyard when the temperatures dip? You can make ice candles. Here’s how to turn your background into a magical winter wonderland.

Ice candles are simple to make. They’re so easy to make that even young children can help. In fact, they will have enough fun making these candles they’ll want to create enough of them to light up the whole backyard.

You’ll need some containers which will create the ice base. Children’s sand pails, paper milk cartons or plastic milk jugs with the top cut off are all possible options. Think about the things you have at your home which you can use. Remember to use something that it isn’t important because the ice may cause them to bust.

Besides the larger containers, you’ll also want to find some empty tin cans which have the top cut out. Fill these with rocks to weigh the cans down. Then place those cans into the various base containers you’ll use. Pour enough water into each container to come almost to the top of the tin can. Place the containers outside and allow them to freeze solid.

In the morning you’ll want to check the containers to ensure they’re frozen. If they are frozen, carefully remove the ice from the outer container by running it under warm water to loosen it. You can peel paper milk cartons away without having to wet them.

Pour out the rocks which were used to weight the can down. Then you’ll want to carefully remove the tin can from the ice. Continue removing the cans from the ice until they’re all ready for candles. Set a votive or small candle down into the center of the ice.

Determine the best places to locate each ice candle. When it is dark enough again you can light the candles. Step back and enjoy the beauty of the candles casting shadows against the snow and night sky.

Think about how you can create a wash of color in your backyard even in the dead of winter. Before you pour the water into the container, pour several drops of food coloring into the water and stir it up. When the water is frozen it will be that color. You can create different layers of color by freezing the water. When it’s frozen, pour another layer of colored water. Continue this until you’re happy with the frozen base.

To make the ice candles even more interesting, you can also add toys, berries or other things in the water as its being frozen. Items which float will provide added appeal. You can also leave the containers outdoors and allow them to partially freeze. Stir the slushy ice and then allow it to freeze the rest of the way. It may create cloudy ice rather than clear ice.

It isn’t likely you’ll be throwing parties outdoors during the wintertime but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to add interest to your landscape. Learn how to make ice candles and you can turn your backyard into a magical winter wonderland.

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