Ideas: Vegetarian Thanksgiving

More and more people these days are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle. This can be a problem when Thanksgiving rolls around, because what is the holiday without a turkey? These vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner ideas will enable those who choose to abstain from eating meat to enjoy the meal and stay true to their convictions.

Before you begin trying to think of vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner ideas, it is important to know what foods your guest doesn’t eat. Some people won’t eat flesh of an animal but they will eat eggs or dairy products. Others won’t eat anything from an animal. By finding out what your guest will eat, you’ll have a better idea of what dishes you can prepare for them.

Despite what some might think, many vegetarians do enjoy the flavors of turkey and dressing – they simply don’t want to eat flesh any longer. One alternative to turkey you may want to consider for vegetarian family members is Tofurky. What is Tofurky? It is a turkey alternative made from tofu and wheat protein. It can be prepared much the same way as turkey and is said to taste very similar. If you aren’t able to find the Tofurky brand, there are other brands which have comparable items.

An alternative entrée for vegetarians could be a stuffed acorn squash. Fill it with wild rice and cranberry pilaf which will be similar to traditional stuffing only sweeter. Lentil rice loaf would be another option if you can’t find or make Tofurky.

It’s a good chance you’ll have some dishes a vegetarian would be comfortable eating even if you can’t find an alternative for turkey. Here are some traditional Thanksgiving dishes you may be planning to prepare which would be acceptable for those who don’t eat meat:

* A large tossed salad would be appreciated. Rather than having merely lettuce and tomato, why not add broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and other vegetables? You can also add fresh pineapple or apples, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and olives to make it chock full of vegetarian goodness.

* Mashed potatoes could be something a vegetarian would eat unless they don’t eat butter. In this case, you could use a vegetable bouillon cube to moisten the potatoes.

* Candied sweet potatoes would be another vegetable dish you could serve.

* Cranberry sauce is a side dish many people associate with Thanksgiving. Plan on having both jellied and whole berry cranberry sauce available.

* Fresh baked rolls are normally also something vegetarians will enjoy.

If you’re concerned that vegetarians attending your Thanksgiving dinner won’t have enough food to choose from, ask them to bring a dish to share. You can also ask them to arrive early so they can show you how to make a vegetarian dish. This is one way to ensure any vegetarian attending will have plenty to eat.

When you ask someone who is a vegetarian to join you for Thanksgiving, you want to be sure to provide enough for them to eat. Vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner ideas aren’t difficult, but they do take a different mindset. If you’re unsure, the easiest thing to do is ask a vegetarian what foods they will eat or what they can bring to share. Then you’ll know everyone who joins you will be more than satisfied after the dinner is over.

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