Get the Romance Back in Your Relationship

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it isn’t uncommon to begin taking each other for granted. You may even feel like the romance is gone. Learning how to rekindle romance in a long-term relationship may not be an easy task, but if you want your relationship to survive it may be necessary.

To keep your relationship going strong, you’ll want to reaffirm that your relationship is the most important in your life. If it is truly important, that means you’ll take an active part in making sure it grows and endures. Even if you have children they need to know that you love each other and are committed to maintaining your relationship.

However, no matter how strongly you’re committed to your long-term relationship, that doesn’t mean the romance won’t suffer. Your mission, should you accept it, is to do whatever you can to rekindle the romance should you notice it ebbing away. Here are some ideas to help you complete the mission.

* Think back to when you and your partner first started dating. There was excitement at the prospect of seeing them. You couldn’t wait to talk to and spend time with them. By remembering the past you can begin developing those feelings again.

* Write love notes to your partner and leave them in inconspicuous spots. Write “I love you” on the mirror so it will be visible after a shower. Place a note with your favorite scent in their sock drawer. Slip a note into their jacket pocket. Send them an email to their work email address.

* Plan a regular date night. Once you have children your love life and any hope for romance seems to take the back seat. This doesn’t, and probably shouldn’t, have to be the case. In fact, if you want to keep romance alive in your relationship, regular dates where it’s just the two of you are mandatory. Ask a friend or family member to watch the children while you take time out for yourselves. Then don’t feel guilty about it. Make it a rule that you can’t discuss work or the children.

* Hold hands and kiss in front of your children. This will send the message to your children that you’re committed to your relationship and that you love each other. In many cases allowing your children to see you demonstrating love to one another will help them remain secure.

* Keep your sex life active. Mothers, especially those of very young children, are often too tired for a sex life after being a mommy all day. No matter how tired you are, don’t let too long pass before you and your partner are sexually active. Be as spontaneous as you can with the constraints of having children. It will give you both something to look forward to and keep the spark alive.

Many couples who have been together for years experience a drop in passion. Learning how to rekindle romance in a long-term relationship is a worthwhile goal. By emphasizing the love you have for one another and spending time bringing back your feelings from the past, you are ensuring the longevity of your relationship will continue. You’ll be glad you took the time to do this when the nest is empty and the two of you are alone again.

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