Staying Connected to Your Teenager: How to Keep Them Talking to You and How to Hear What They’re Really Saying

Are you a parent of a teen and you just can’t seem to connect the dots? You are not alone. There are many parents, near and far, who feel just like you do. It is like hitting a brick wall over and over again.

In Staying Connected to Your Teenager, Mike Riera writes about teens in a way that demonstrates his incredible respect for them. He helps us to take teens seriously, and not to dismiss their behavior as simply “dramatic” or “a stage.” He is truly gifted, as a writer and a professional working with teens and families. He is thoughtful, real, and accessible to parents and to teens.

Riera, discusses the concept of transitioning from a “Manager” to a “Consultant” in your relationship with your teen. This is something that many parents to need to grasp hold of as many of them tend to let the apron string dangle a bit longer than they should. This only causes more and more havoc on the parent/teen relationship.

This book will help parents to develop satisfying relationships with their teenagers, in where communication and openness are a welcome part of the family unit. It is definitely a must read book for parents of teen or soon-to-be teens.

Staying Connected to Your Teenager is a great resource for learning more about how to handle situations that may make you think the worse about your own child. What you discover is that it is not that they are bad but rather that they are simply going through a phase that we al go through and you as the parent must learn to switch the gears necessary to relate to them in a way that will keep you connected.

If you are the parent with a need to stay connected to your teenager, then this is the resource you need.

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