Daycare Dos and Don’ts

Our children are precious to us, there’s no denying that. When we have to leave them with someone while we work or go to school, we want to be sure we’re leaving them with qualified, competent people. Here are some daycare dos and don’ts to consider when thinking about where your child will stay.

Do you have a family member that can provide daycare while you’re at work or school? This would probably be the optimum choice if it is available. You already know that they love your child and have their best interest at heart. Your child will already know a grandparent so there won’t be the regular problem of separation anxiety.

If someone in your family isn’t available to care for your child you’ll want to check out the other options – home daycare, daycare centers, personal nanny, or company-provided daycare if it is offered. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, if your employer provides a daycare facility for their employee’s children, you’ll want to check into it. Most likely they will have already had background checks run on each of the workers. They will also have made sure that each person involved with the children is properly trained. This may be a great option but the chances are most companies don’t offer this service.

Your next option might be to hire a personal nanny. They will be able to care for your child in your home, so they won’t have to be taken out of the home and exposed to other children who may be sick. The main disadvantage to this type of arrangement is that it can be costly. Finding a qualified, trained nanny also isn’t an easy task, especially in smaller towns or cities.

Home daycares provide the comfort of being in a home with the structure of professional daycare centers. In general, home daycares have fewer children and have more personal attention than what is given in larger daycare centers.

Daycare centers generally have better trained staff than a home daycare center, but no matter which type of daycare you choose, always be sure every adult caring for your child is trained in first aid and CPR.

Check references for each person or daycare center you may be considering. You obviously don’t want to take chances with your child’s health or well-being. References will give you a better idea about the quality and care a potential caregiver may provide.

When you’ve finally made your decision about daycare for your child, make several unannounced visits to ensure you’re satisfied with the care of your child and others that may be under their care. The daycare dos and don’ts are the same regardless of which type of care you choose. Remember to trust your instincts when choosing a caregiver for your little one.

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