110 Car and Driving Emergencies

You are driving down the street and bam your tire blows out or your water hose bust. What do you do and how? 110 Car and Driving Emergencies offers quick, “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” answers to any problem a driver will possibly face, whether it’s mechanical, electrical, weather, or an on-the-road hazard. It is the first how-to book that shows how to calmly deal with minor problems or major hazards, in the driveway or garage or on the road far from home.

Author James Joseph, a longtime automobile and travel writer, has developed solutions to dealing with everything from a frozen lock to brake failure, from fixing a flat tire to extinguishing an engine fire.

The book is set up into 4 sections:

• Nature or Weather Related part shows things like how to get your car out of the mud.
• Situational Emergencies demonstrate how to do something like steer out of skid.
• Mechanical emergencies give you tips on how to do things like jump-start your car.
• Worst-Case Emergencies shows you how to do things like jump from a moving car (except you are a stunt professional).

110 Car and Driving Emergencies is packaged to fit easily in a car’s glove compartment for easy access, making it the perfect gift for a new driver or the seasoned traveler. It provides are simple and clearly illustrated solutions for just about any car jam you find yourself in. It also provides drivers answers to such emergencies as dealing with a sudden windstorm, a flash flood, a smashed window, and engine fire, a drunk driver, or a front-tire blowout.

You will find that this book is a handy resource for those of us who can’t have personal driving instructor along for the ride.

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