42 Rules for Working Moms: Practical, Funny Advice for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Modern moms are overworked and under-appreciated and “42 Rules for Working Moms” is a fresh, funny, and inspiring call to action to working women from working women that says, “it’s okay to work and be a mom.” Written by real working moms, this book is a compilation of funny practical advice on how to survive as a ‘working mom’.

In this book you will find real life experiences that are fun, personal and sure to be appreciated by working moms everywhere. Gone are the sugar-coated sappy images you just can’t relate to. In 42 Rules of Working Moms, you get real insights into what matters, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

You will meet a diverse group of working moms: different cultures, industries, ages, relationships and perspectives. These fantastic contributors possess years of experience balancing their personal and professional lives. They have come together to share their hard-earned lessons with other working moms.

42 Rules for Working Moms is for any Mom who struggles with how to balance it all, or who wants to learn:

• What successful working moms know that you don’t.
• Why it’s ok to be selfish.
• Why we need to lose the guilt.
• Why you can never give up.

This book truly hits a home run with this compilation of vital tips for working moms everywhere. If you are a work mom out or in the home or just a mom who needs come tips on pulling it all together, find yourself reading this great find.

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